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Private Offerings

Small Firm – Complex Deals

Beginning with the firm’s first engagement to manage a private offering in 2005, Bray & Long’s practice in the area of private fundraising has grown into one of its most prominent areas of practice. The mechanics of orchestrating a lawful offering are complex, often involving the process of drafting a detailed private placement memorandum along with the necessary operating agreement and subscription agreement. And although securities laws have relaxed certain requirements over the years, clients need to understand that a failure to understand the myriad securities laws touching up on their particular deal can result in lawsuits and state or federal investigations.

Our Experience

Bray & Long works with founders of small startups as well as more experienced groups to raise capital on deals as large as $100 million or more. That being said, our focus remains consistent no matter the size of the client – we work hard to understand what they need, what they want to accomplish and how to create an offering that makes sense for their strategic goals.

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Meet Our Attorneys

“I have worked with William Bray on four private offerings since 2016, and trust him to be efficient, responsive and knowledgeable of the complex securities laws involved in the business of private equity. William works hard to understand my business and create a corporate structure that not only benefits my business, but more importantly the return to my investors.”

James Lockhart, CEO
Lockhart Management Group