Practice Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A Practice

The corporate law practice group at Bray & Long routinely assists clients in the area of private equity, namely the buying and selling of closely held businesses. This practice area is often referred to as “mergers & acquisitions” or M&A and generally refers to an area of corporate law in which attorneys assist their clients in all matters related to the transition of a company’s ownership interest from one person or group to another.

Our clients are diverse. We represent private equity or investment groups that consult with us when performing due diligence, or bring us in to advise their clients and guide them through transactions. We also represent companies who have reached a stage in their development where outside capital is necessary in order to reach their true potential. And, of course, we represent entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to attract investment to get their latest idea off of the ground.

How We Serve Our Clients

Our work often starts with the creation of a private placement memorandum (PPM) as part of the larger effort of putting together a legally compliant private offering. Ultimately, the sale of equity in even the smallest company represents the sale of a security and, therefore, care must be taken to ensure compliance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition to working with clients on the structure of their offering, Bray & Long is often retained simply to guide a client through the sales process when they have either identified a target company for acquisition, or have been approached by a prospective buyer. In that case, our attorneys handle all aspects of the transaction, from negotiating the letter of intent, to preparation of the asset purchase agreement, through the closing. We have successfully guided countless clients through this process, often for fees which are sometimes 50% less than those that may be charged at a large law firm. We welcome clients with new ventures, as well as clients looking for an alternative to their previous general corporate representation.

Meet Our Attorneys

“I have worked with William Bray on four private offerings since 2016, and trust him to be efficient, responsive and knowledgeable of the complex securities laws involved in the business of private equity. William works hard to understand my business and create a corporate structure that not only benefits my business, but more importantly the return to my investors.”

James Lockhart, CEO
Lockhart Management Group