Bray & Long far exceeded my expectations. Their solid advice and dogged persistence against a highly worthy adversary yielded great results in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Bray & Long for their unparalleled expertise and their sound guidance and advice.
Cary Harrison


Bray & Long, PLLC represents general contractors, subcontractors, owners and architects in contractual and litigation matters. Our philosophy in this regard is simple – we work with our clients and, where possible, our adversaries to ensure that the matter on which we have been retained is resolved in the most direct and effective manner possible.

Most construction disputes can be avoided with an eye towards resolving differences, early, during the course of a project and through the careful review of the proposed contractual documents. Where litigation is unavoidable, however, our clients are best served by an aggressive approach to the courtroom process, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant. Aggressive action ensures that contractors and material providers alike realize the full benefit of statutes authorizing liens against real property and/or funds due from a project owner that are critical to protecting one’s rights. Failure to properly and timely file and serve liens may adversely affect contractor or supplier’s ability to recover payments for work already performed.

Our litigation experience also includes enforcing our client’s rights to payment from a surety on publicly-funded projects. A prompt, thoroughly documented demand for payment from a surety is just as critical as filing a statutory lien claim. Doing it right, the first time, may increase a contractor’s opportunity for payment without unnecessary time and expense.

At Bray & Long, we understand the fine balance between the need for aggressive representation versus economically justified representation, and work with every client to ensure that our services match their expectations.