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William Bray Wins Court of Appeals Decision

(Raleigh, NC) May 21, 2013 – The North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld judgments entered on behalf of the plaintiffs in the case of Consoli v. Global Supply and Logistics. William Bray represented the plaintiffs during the trial phase of the case, as well as on appeal. In its decision, the Court of Appeals agreed with the actions of Honorable Richard Boner of the Mecklenburg County Superior Court in awarding judgment against Defendants Global Supply & Logistics, Inc., Stanford “Ron” Banks, Greg Kirchner and Robert Malzacher. This lawsuit was initially filed in 2008, and was previously remanded by the Court of Appeals following the first dispositive motions in 2009. In this second trial proceeding, summary judgment was granted against the individual defendants on various claims arising from their positions as officers and managers in Global Supply, a now-defunct refrigerated storage company based in Chicago.