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Trademark Update – 2015 a Busy Year at Bray & Long

The intellectual property practice at Bray & Long is booming as clients seek to identify and protect long-term branding efforts for their services and products. We believe that some early research into a company’s brand can save thousands of dollars down the road, when years of effort can yield nothing of value where an infringement claim is made by a third party with prior rights.

Bray & Long currently has more than 25 trademark applications pending before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, the firm routinely handles renewals for marks it has obtained over the past 12 years since being founded in April of 2003. Over the past few months, several applications filed on behalf of the firm’s client have been approved, including Zizi Joon, Lila’s Rain and Jade on behalf of Magnolia Coffee, Global Financial, Sportmatch, I Am My Sister and 54 on behalf of Kyle Busch Motorsports.

An initial search to determine if your proposed mark is potentially available often takes less than two hours of our time, after which we can advise you on the best course to protect your company’s intellectual property. For more information on our trademark services, contact William Bray at