To find a law firm with expertise in a variety of business matters is of utmost importance to any business, no matter the size. Bray & Long, LLC has exhibited that expertise in our continual dealings with them. We are extremely pleased in all services offered by their team of attorneys.
Jack Wilson, BASINC Corporation

Tax Planning

From income tax planning, to estate and gift tax planning, to state and local taxes, individuals have the ability to structure their affairs and transactions in a way to best accomplish their objectives. At Bray & Long, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to craft the best strategy to ease the tax burden associated with any transaction.

Closely-held businesses and real estate transactions are just a couple of areas where preemptive tax planning can affect how income is taxed. In some instances, taxes may be able to be deferred entirely. In other instances, taxpayers may be able to structure their transactions in a way to trigger a lower tax rate. Rarely is it advantageous to avoid tax planning and allowing taxing authorities to inform you of the consequence of your transaction.

Advising on both the buy side and the sell side, the attorneys at Bray & Long have assisted client in a range of diverse transactions, from commercial real estate, investment real estate, or operating businesses, in understanding and managing tax burdens, as well as taking affirmative steps to capture available tax benefits.

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