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Jeff Long Ends Term on Fee Dispute Mediation Committee

(September 3, 2015) After three years of service, Jeff Long’s term on the Mecklenburg County Fee Dispute Mediation Committee has ended. Jeff mediated numerous fee disputes between clients and their attorneys. While acting as a mediator, Jeff gained valuable experience that he applies when parties retain his services as a mediator in cases pending throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

According to Jeff, “disputing parties often get too focused upon their own position or the damage they believe someone else has caused. Mediation is an opportune time for the parties to listen to their opponent and decide whether they want to eliminate the further expense and risk associated with litigation.” The skill necessary to allow parties to mutually decide upon a resolution comes with the type of experience Jeff had serving the Mecklenburg County Bar.

Bray & Long wants to take this opportunity to congratulate Jeff for his hard work and service over his term on the Fee Dispute Mediation Committee.